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Waterlife is focused on providing high quality safe water to underserved and challenging areas in an affordable and sustainable manner. Waterlife, while providing total solutions to the different sorts of contamination, believes that the key to making a significant impact on the lack of safe water globally, is to weave elements of long term sustainability by providing operation and maintenance over a number of years. This coupled with affordability to the underserved sections has been the crucx of the Waterlife  model, which the company believes  will drive it to its vision of providing safe water to all by the year 2020- “The Waterlife Vision 2020”.

Waterlife, thus employs a unique and creative combination of the best available green technology and creative business models enabling it to deliver highly affordable clean water to even the most remote, lo income, rural and urban communities. Our business approach to the challenge of bringing safe, clean, potable water to the underserved in India includes partnerships with the government , NGO, Panchayats, SHG, Commercial  institutions as well as International agencies, local, state and central government agencies to make it an inclusive approach to solving the water issue on an unprecedented scale.

Through Waterlife Centers (WLCs), underserved communities gain ready access to high quality potable water meeting or exceeding World Health Organization standards and Indian standards ISI0500 standards for drinking water.

Waterlife also provides solutions for Apartment complexes and offices. The hallmark of our model again is high focus on Quality by providing Service and Maintenance.